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Fluffy soft pancake with Natsumikan marmalade

Use goods
Yuzuya’s Natsumikan marmalade
Ingredients and quantity
(For small 6 sheets of pancakes)
・Pancake mix 150g
・Egg 1 middle size(separate white and yolk)
・Milk 100ml
・Sugar 3 teaspoons
・Yuzuya’s Natsumikan marmalade 1-2 teapoons
How to make
1.Mix yolk, milk, 1 teaspoon of sugar thoroughly.
2.Beat the egg white with 2 teaspoons of sugar until the egg comes to be stiff peak in another dried bowl.
3.Mix #1 with pancake mix lightly.
4.Put #2 in #3 and mix.
5.Put Natsumikan marmalade into #4 and mix.
6.Bake the cake in the pan. Heat the cake at low heat slowly and thoroughly.
7.Eat the cake with marmalade topping.
If you use yuzu marmalade or yuzu tea, it is also very tasty. You can put whipped cream and enjoy.
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