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Yuzu Aji ponzu stewed chicken wings

Use goods
Yuzuya’s special yuzu aji ponzu(Yuzuya’s special daidai aji ponzu)
Ingredients and quantity
(For 2-3 people)
・Chicken wings 10 pieces
・Yuzuya’s special yuzu aji ponzu 100ml
・Sugar 3 and a bit of tablespoon
・Water 60ml
・Yuzu kosho seasoning As you like
How to make
1.Put all the ingredients except for Yuzu Kosho seasoning
2.Stew #1 and check to see if it is heated through.
3.Broil the wings if the water is reduced.
4.Grown ups eat with Yuzu Kosho seasoning.
If you use Yuzuya’s special Daidai aji ponzu or Matured Aji ponzu is also good with the dish.

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