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Easy citrus aromatic fried chicken in Japanese sweet and peppery vegetable sauce

Use goods
squeezed daidai juice(or squeezed yuzu juice)
Ingredients and quantity
(For 2 people)
・Chicken thigh 2 slices
・Starch Appropriate quantity for dressing the chicken thigh
・Salt 1-2 pinches
・Pepper 1-2 pinches

(Sweet peppery sauce)
・Carrot 1/2
・Onion 1/2
・Soy sauce 4 tablespoons
・Sugar 5 tablespoons
・squeezed daidai juice(橙酢100%)100ml

(tartar sauce)
・Boiled egg 1 or 2
・Onion 1/2
・Mayonnaise As you like
・Salt 1-2 pinches
・Parsley A little
How to make
1.Make the sweet peppery sauce. Cut the vegetables into strips and put it in the pan. Fry it and put soy sauce and sugar. After you stop heating, pour squeezed daidai juice.
2.Cut chicken into small pieces and put salt and pepper. Dress the chicken with starch.
3.Put enough oil in the pan and fry it until it is thoroughly fried.
4.Take out the meat when it turns to be golden brown. Put into #1, the sweet sauce.
5.Make the tartar sauce. Mince onion and toss to coat.Then, squeeze off the water from onion.
6.Mince boiled egg and parsley and mix with onion and mayonnaise.
The dish will have good citrus scent and mild citrus vinegary flavor. If you add yuzu Kosho in the tartar sauce, the groun ups favorable sauce. Your home made mayonnaise would make it more tasty. Enjoy with the citrus vinegar.

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