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Home made mayonnaise and various kinds of dip

Use goods
Yuzuya’s drinkable Daidai juice
Ingredients and quantity
(For 1cup)
(Basic mayonnaise)
・Yuzuya’s drinkable Daidai juice 60cc
・Egg yolk 2
・Salt Less than 1 teaspoon
・Oil you like 200cc

(Various kinds of dip sauce)
・Yuzu kosho pepper As you like
・ Aka oroshi red peper As you like
・Yuzuya’s Yuzu miso paste As you like
How to make
1.Leave the egg outside of the fridge. Separate the yolk from egg white. Put egg yolk, drinkable daidai juice and salt in the bowl.
2.Mix #1 and pour oil little by little until the ingredients emulsify.
3.If the ingredients turn to curdle, the tasty mayonnaise is matured.
4.When you want to make dip sauce, you only have to put yuzu kosho pepper, Aka oroshi red pepper, or yuzu miso paste in the home made mayonnaise.
This is fresh citrus juice mayonnaise! You can enjoy mayonnaise itself but also, you can enjoy various flavor putting the things you like. It goes fine with vegetables, or fried foods. If you use good quality egg or oil, it will be much more healthier and tastier!

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