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Super easy miso marinaded long onion and Seafood

Use goods
Yuzuya’s miso paste
Ingredients and quantity
(For 2 people)
・Long onion 1pack
・Boiled seafood you like As you like
・Salt 1-2 pinch

(Miso sauce)
・Yuzuya’s miso paste 2 tablespoons
・Soy sauce 1 teaspoon
・Sugar 1 teaspoon
・Squeezed Yuzu juice 1/2 teaspoon
How to make
1.Make miso sauce. Mix miso paste, soy sauce, sugar, yuzu juice altogether.
2.Boil long onion. Put salt into the hot water and boil slightly. Squeeze off the water and cut for 3-4cm length.
3.Cut the seafood into dice.
This is very easy and quick recipe. Yuzu scent will make the marinade gorgeous.

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