Natsumikan,Daidai,Yuzu Produced from the processing and sales and wholesale | Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture Yuzuya Honten

Yuzuya, our company is established in January 1978, and in February 1981, incorporated of enterprise up to now. The theme of Yuzuya is “From the sky of Hagi, From the earth of Hagi” and It costs a lot of time and expenses but we try best and keep it in mind to pursuit and put all our heart on producing the genuine natural flavor from local ingredients. Raw materials are Daidai, Yuzu, Natsumikan and other citruses and so on, grown locally mainly. Part of the ingredients are from our own direct farm. Daidai or Yuzu are squeezed one by one which takes a lot of time and also we mature part of the juice more than 10 months in consistent temperature. This process makes it mild and rich taste. Product plant like produce small amount style and all the products are totally additive free and handmade. You can watch someone work in the plant all the year round in the plant. Continuously, we, all the Yuzuya staff members will try make effort working on producing good products to meet your expectation with this currency of health and natural high-intention. We hope you will continue to patronize our safe products with our sincerity.

August 11, 2006

Company information outline

Company information
Head office/processing plant
1189 Nagoya Aza Chintou Hagi Yamaguchi Japan
TEL +81-838-25-7511
FAX +81-838-25-6311

Direct sales store “Kankitsu Koubou Citrus atelier”
1189 Nagoya Aza Chintou Chintou Hagi Yamaguchi Japan
TEL・FAX +81-838-26-2111
Foundation Date
January 5th 1978 Kaneshiro Shoten store
Yuu Kim
Foundation info
Kaneshiro Co. Ltd (Original name of the company)  February 10 1981
Kaneshiro (金城)(Reorganization)  September 16 1992
Kaneshiro(カネシロ)(Previous name of the company)  December 21 1992
Yuzuya Honten (Renaming of the company)  December 10 2001
Executive members
President and CEO: Sail Kim → Here is the link for the greeting from president
Director, Administrative Manager Tomoko Otani
Director, Division Satoru Hisamitsu
Director, Factory Manager Kazuo Nishimura
Auditor: Atsushi Akita
Advisory company
Omotesando partners law office
Accountant corporation: Toutenman general accountant office
Mirai Insurance Social labor Corporation
Soo corporate services SDN BHD
Our bank
Japan net Bank Head office Sales department
Hagi Yamaguchi Credit Union Matsumoto Branch
Amount of sales (Per Year)
JPY 482,630,000 in January 2019 (tax excluded)
The Total number of the staff
35 Full time staff: 26
Processing staff: 15
Product items:
Citrus juice, Yuzu kosho seasoning, Ponzu, Yuzu miso paste, marmalade, sliced peel, Yuzu tea, black tea with citrus peel, Yuzu salt etc. Manufacture of processed products including juice and peel of citrus ( Yuzu, Daidai, Summer orange)
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