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Yuzuaya’s motto is synthetic seasoning free, additive free, safe and satisfying high quality food production.

Thank you very much for being interested and showing favor on products of Yuzuya Honten Co, Ltd.

We established the company in January of 1978. The theme of Yuzuya is “From the sky of Hagi, From the earth of Hagi” and we put all of our heart on producing the genuine natural flavor. It consumes a lot of time and expenses but we choose this way try our best to produce most of the products each by Yuzuya’s staff member’s hand. And, they take requests from the customers sincerely when producing the materials.

Also, we are very peculiar about all the “tasty things that are helthy”. Our products are totally free of synthetic seasoning or additives, by thinking about health of the staffs and the customers.

All of the staff members of Yuzuya will make effort while working on producing good products to meet your expectation with this currency of health and natural orientation. We hope you will keep continuous favor and enjoy on our products.

Yuzuya Honten Co, Ltd.
President & CEO
Kim Sail

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