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Food safety guideline / FSSC22000

At Yuzuya Honten, all of the staff members put the priority on the food safety and satisfaction. We put up the creed of Quality Appealing. Our goal is to produce high quality food while providing safety and satisfaction to the customers all over the world. Also, through food, we try to contribute to local development and society, working out and making effort continuously.

Food safety guideline

■We aim for coexistent with the local farmers and contributing to the local area, through the food while pursuing the safety, satisfaction, health, and the taste.

■We recognize that our challenge is to tell and provide safe, satisfying, healthy, and tasty products. We make all the effort to guarantee and maintain the food safety and we are trusted with providing the high quality, safe products.

■We always stand on the position of the customers and consider things from the customer’s point of view. We try to fulfill communication with all of the customers including internal staff members, customers, providers concerned, and authorities in order to secure the sanitation and trace ability of the materials, process of the product, distribution in each steps.

 ■We suitably verify the food security management system. We analyze, evaluate, and reconsider it to improve the system constantly.

■All of the staff members know the food safety guideline. We set up the food safety goal and reexamine it at any time as the occasion demands.


FSSC22000認証登録●FSSC 22000:Registration range
Mainly manufacturing the products: Yuzu, Daidai, Natsumikan Citrus juice and the peel
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We are certified [FSSC 673028 / FSSC 22000]on September 25th, 2017

Currently the globalization of food is expanding. Unfortunately, the problems are threatening the food safety and the reliability.
All of the Yuzuya staff members consciously pursue to make good quality products and we will continuously do our best for our food safety as is the point of FSSC 22000.
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