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What citrus is Daidai?

Daidai is a citrus, that came from the Himalaya district through China in an older time. It is grown world wide. People are more familiar with the citrus being known as a sour orange in Europe. The ripe yellow fruit turns to green in spring again and it’s called 回青橙, Kaiseitou, which means the citrus that turns green.

Daidai in Hagi is harvested from the middle of September to December. The trees bear fruits one after another, and they say such productiveness is the sign of succession and its a favorable lucky tree. Therefore, it is used as a New Year’s decoration wishing for prosperity and goes down from generation to generation.

In district of Kitaura Hagi, Yamaguchi

In Kitaura, Hagi, from olden times, they say it’s most luxurious to eat Sashimi raw fish with Daidai juice on it. And today, there are more and more people who use it on Sashimi or pot dishes called Nabe. We drink Daidai juice with shochu in it or drink it regularly as a healthy beverage with honey in water or soda. Since people found Daidai juice contains a lot of functional ingredients, it works well for health maintenance.

Yuzuya Honten’s interest and love for Daidai citrus

Yuzuya Honten selects Daidai raised in Hagi very carefully and we press each citruses one by one neatly so as not to taste the bitterness, and mature some of the raw juice in a fixed temperature. “Daidai vinegar”producted by our own technique, has an established good reputation and is highly valued with its special mild taste and rich aroma. It doesn’t have the irritating odor of common vinegar. Additionally, it’s good for your health since it contains a lot of natural citric acid, and it has high nutritive value.

Special features of Yuzuya Honten Daidai juice

1.It’s safe! (Additive free/ Natural food)
Free of residual pesticides (Analytic result of Yamaguchi prefectural hygiene pollution research center)

2.Good taste and scent!
Natural tastiness of Daidai is preserved through our manual work of hand pressing the fruit and it’s matured in a fixed temperature.

3.High nutritional value
Rich in Vitamin C and Calcium

★Reference comparison

Per 100 grams of juiceVitamin CCalcium
Daidai juice 35mg 12mg
Lemon juice 45mg 7mg

Analyst: The science and technology agency resource investigative committee

What are the 3 notable functions?

1st function

Limonoid effect
Restrains the effect of tumor reproduction
Amount of Limonoid content370ppM out of 100g. This amout is the most in citruses.(Consultation: Natsumikan 360ppM Unshu mikan tangerine 80ppM)
(Consultation: Natsumikan 360ppM Unshu mikan tangerine 80ppM)
Hesperidin effect
Strong antioxidant substance
⇒ Hesperidin(Vitamin P) as bioflavonoid: 100mg/100g
Hesperidin (Vitamin P) +Vitamin C effect
Strengthen the cancer prevention through the synergistic effect amount content of Vitamin C 35mg/100g.
(Consultation: Lemon 45mg/100g))

The Second function

Limonoid effect
Restraint action of tumor reproduction
Pectin effect
It makes jelly-like membrance and it blocks the toxic substance to be absorbed
Potassium effect
The potassium combines with extra salt content inside of the body and excrete it from the body.
Calcium effect
It controls various physiological functions and complement the calcium which is eliminated from body.
Strengthen the synergistic effect of removal of toxic substances/dd>

It contains a large amount of Pectin/ potassium( 190mg/100g) and Calcium( 12mg/100g).
【Referance of comparison: Lemon – Potassium(100mg/100g) Calcium( 7mg/100g)】

The third function

Main ingredients
Citric acid
When it’s absorbed, it goes through TCA cycle, that works with the meabolism.
★Effect of citric acid- It makes the metabolism cycle to be returned to normal and it removes the lactic acid.
Active acid
In the active acid function, except for the condensation of protein, there’s another function of the conbination of plain amino acid. Plain amino acid is the acid that goes through the brain. Any substance should go through the BBB(blood brain barrier)to go inside of the brain, it is necessary for amino acid to be condensed.So the active acid assists this function.
The relationship between active acid and citric acid
When a person tastes the sourness, the citric acid inside of the body reinforces the activity of active acid. When the nutrition goes through BBB(blood brain barrier) to go into the brain, and the citric acid inside of the body leans to under ph4.0, the citric acid affects the active acid and that reinforces the metabolism. Also, when the citric acid is absorbed into the body, inside of the biological cell, the citric acid turns into active acid.
★Effects of active acid ⇒Brain metabolism and brain circulation works very well and it increases the learning ability and memory. Also, there’s academic proof of it having a good effect for Alzheimer’s disease.

The function of our food is very useful for lowering the risk of diseases or trouble from lifestyle-related illness. But, it’s very important to gain as much as possible from eating natural foods. Once the sense of taste is recognized by the brain it gives the necessary order for promoting internal circulation so we can maintain our health. Making good use of natural foods without additives is the best way for the human body to stay balanced and safe.
(Scholar of food nutritional science function food/ Dr. of medicine Kazuo Tomita)

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