Natsumikan,Daidai,Yuzu Produced from the processing and sales and wholesale | Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture Yuzuya Honten


We use citrus fruit grown in Hagi, Yamaguchi and make our products out of the natural materials. The raw materials of Daidai, Yuzu, and Natsumikan citruses are mainly grown in the Hagi area. The Yuzu are grown in our own farm by contracted farmers.

Additive free

Considering the food safety, there are no additives, we never use synthetic seasoning or food additives, and also never use auxiliary material to increase the quantity. We try to make the products with commitment to quality.

Food safety is the motto for making high quality food.

Small amount of production

We consistently take care through the processing to sales.

Our system has a small amout of prodaction. Our motto is “Utilizing the raw material and be very particular with the flavor”. Moreover, thinking about food security and safety, we don’t use synthetic seasoning or food additives and also never use auxiliary material to increase the quantity. We will devote ourselves to the principle of “Quality Promotion” so that we can distribute the products to the customers with sincerity. Our products are developed by using the fruit peel or the sliced processed peel. Food additives are not used at all and the Natsumikan citrus marmalade or slices have their natural beautiful color.

Hand squeezing method

In the process of citrus squeezing, the juice is taken out one by one to avoid the bitter taste and to have a rich fragrance originating from the natural flavor. Additionally, we mature some of the juice for 10 months to give it a mild and rich flavor.

Therefore, the amount of the juice and production efficiency is lower than the standard average, but still it will help the products to be highly valued. We try to make effort to provide better and high quality premium juice.

Natural taste of raw material

Yuzuya’s theme for the products is “From the sky of Hagi, From the earth of Hagi” we are trying to be sensible for natural taste making with the locally grown raw citruses.

The raw ingredients such as Daidai, Yuzu, Natsumikan citruses are mainly grown in our local area. Part of it is supplied by the contracted farmers. And also, Yuzuya has its own Yuzu farm.

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