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About dealing with Individual information collection

When Yuzuya ask you to submit your personal information on this website, we will clarify the collection purposes on the webpage and we will collect the information only we get it approved. We limit the use of the information within the purpose which we expressed clearly beforehand and when we have the need to use the personal information outside of the purpose, we will make a contact and tell you the purpose beforehand.

About personal information use and provision

We will use the collected personal information only within the use which is approved by the customers and we will never disclose or provide the information to the third person without consent. However, if the court, police, consumer’s center or other authority’s request in the legitimate way, we have possibility of disclose the information on demand.

About personal information disclosure, revision, or deletion

If the customers request personal information disclosure, revision, deletion, please make a contact us. The contact information is given below. As soon as your request is given by yourself, we will deal with it.

About the custody of personal information

Personal information which you provide thorough the website, we will make a custody very carefully based on the management criteria on the our regulations. We will protect the information from the data loss, destruction, manipulation or leaking.

Renewal of privacy policy

We have possibility of changing this privacy policy according to the regulation change. In that case, we will update the newest privavy policy on this website. Please check our website regularly.

If you have any questions about the website, please feel free to make a contact to the inquiry below.

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1189 Nagoya Aza Chintou Hagi- city, Yamaguchi prefecture
TEL 0838-25-7511

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