Natsumikan,Daidai,Yuzu Produced from the processing and sales and wholesale | Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture Yuzuya Honten

The land full of nature, surrounded by the ocean and mountains.
Yuzuya Kankitsu Koubou atelier is located hillside of a mountain full of nature. Please drop in when you come to sight seeing.

柑橘工房 工場直売店

Shopping with drinking and eating the products fresh from the plant.

Shopping with drinking and eating the products fresh from the plant.

You can chooose “Safe products” of synthetic seasoning or additive free. You can try the products ( juice, marmalade, yuzu tea, and etc.) and you can be convinced of the products and then you can purchase what you like. We, all the staff members will welcome you sincerely.

Direct shop information

Store name
Kankitsu Koubou atelier direct shop
1189 Nagoya aza Chintou ooaza Hagi city Yamaguchi prefecture
Open hour
Regular holiday
No holidaysAlways open
Parking lot
You can park 8 buses, 20 cars
Direct shop information

You can try drinking and eating the products and after you are convinced with the products you can purchase.

White Natsumikan soft ice cream

White Natsumikan soft ice cream of Yuzuya. You can enjoy the special flavor only here.
⇒ White Natsumikan soft ice cream


You will have all the fresh products with distinctive flavor and scent.
⇒ Yuzuya Honten products info


Sunlight clock of Japan-Korean world cup for commemoration


You can stay and have good time in this deck with fresh Kasayama breeze.

Huge yuzu nada panel

Huge yuzu nada panel Yuzu, Daidai, and Natsumikan are hand in handin the picture. . The design is peculiar in Hagi, Yuzunada Huge panel.

Factory visit

We are trying very hard to keep natural flavor and the scent with the raw citrus raised here in Hagi. With the original manufacturing method to keep the natural citrus’ mild sourness and the scent and its color, we produce the products one by one politely. We are always careful about the food satisfaction and its safety and we pursuit the real deliciousness free from synthetic seasoning or additive free. You can see the matnufacturing line very close over the wide opened show window.

From the Hagi sites in Hagi city to Yuzuya Honten

[map lat=”34.448877″ lng=”131.407987″ height=”400px” zoom=”14″]

The time required from Attractions of Hagi to Yuzuya

・Buke Yashiki( Samurai residence site: 15 mins of driving)
・Hagi castle site(Kikugahama beach) 15 mins of driving
・Shouin shrine: 10 mins of driving
・Sea mart sea food market: 8 mins of driving
・Hagi reverberatory furnace(World heritage): 6 mins of Driving
・Mjyojin ike pond:3 mins of walk

By car

From kyushu, Kansai, Hiroshima area
please get off the Sanyo expressway or Chugoku expressway at Mine Higashi Interchange and take Ogoori Hagi free way. 40 minutes of drive from there and please get off at Edou interchange.

By train

From the Sanyo shinkansen Shin Yamaguchi train station
It takes 85 minutes of driving. If you use the bus, it also takes 85 minutes. To Higashi Hagi trains station, 75 minutes of driving, and 75 minutes of bus travelling.Bus Timetable

From JR Sanyo line Higashi Hagi train station
10 minutes of drive. You can take a taxi here, too.

By airplane

From Hagi Iwami airport to Hagi
60 minutes of driving or you can take Bocho bus and Iwami Koutsuu bus bound for Hagi.

From Yamaguchi Ube airport to Hagi
90 minutes of driving or you can take share taxi of Hagi Kintetsu taxi.

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